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What Stirs You?

It’s January 24th, almost a month into the new year.  So what have you been up to?  Are you still on that diet you started on the first Monday of the month? Have you cleaned out the clutter you promised yourself?  Or do you find yourself asking, “is January REALLY almost over?”  What is it that gets you motivated to do something?

In I Samuel 25 we find Abigail, the wife of Nabal who was a VERY wealthy man. David and his men were traveling through the desert he sent some of his men to Nabal and asked if he would feed them.  You see, it was customary to extend hospitality to travelers back in the day, no matter how many of them there were.  Nabal was extremely rich and could have easily afforded David’s request to feed his men.  It wasn’t like David was asking for a handout…David and his men were protecting Nabal’s work force, and part of Nabal’s prosperity was due to David’s protection.  In spite of what David had done and the hospitality customs of the day, Nabal refused to feed David’s men.

Needless-to-say, David was ticked!!!  He took 400 of his men, along with their swords and they were going to…well, use your imagination.  In the mean time one of Nabal’s servants told Abigail what was happening.  Abigail wasted no time and gathered up enough food and drinks to take care of David’s men.  She didn’t tell her husband what she was doing because the time wasn’t right for that.  When Abigail reaches David she bows at his feet and pleads with David and asks for forgiveness on behalf of her husband.  The funny thing to me is that she actually tells David that her husbands name actually means “Fool.”  It was kind of like, “what do you expect?”

So, what was it that stirred Abigail to action?  In this case, I believe it was thankfulness.  When we stop and take a look at ALL God has given us, we should be struck with extreme thankfulness.  Some of you may be reading this and say, “um…do realize how stink’n poor I am?”  Well, that may be true, but you are comparing yourself to the wrong people.  Some families have to walk miles to fight for water, and only enough water to fill a bucket that they can carry back home…maybe a two to three hour walk.  When we take our eyes off of what we don’t have and concentrate on what we do have, then the heart of thankfulness can begin.  When we are thankful, then we are more likely to be stirred to do something for someone else.

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