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The first step belongs to you

In I Samuel 14 the Israelites were facing a huge battle with the Phillistines.   The Phillistines had a huge army that included 30,000 chariots, 6,000 horseman and the Bible says “and people like the sand which is on the seashore in abundance.”  I’m just saying…that is a lot of people!  In contrast the Israelites, under Saul’s leadership had 600 in his army.  Was a victory for the Israelites even possible under the BEST circumstances?  Only with God’s help, that’s for sure.

In chapter 14 Jonathan has an overwhelming feeling to go to the camp of the Phillistines and do a little battle.  Jonathan who was Saul’s first born son should have been the next in line for the throne…the King.  As it was David had already been annointed to be the next King after Saul.  I don’t know about you but I think this would have been a tough pill to swallow.  Jonathan however was a bigger person and had the heart of a true team player.  Jonathan just wanted to be on the winning team, Gods team and whether or not he was leading it didn’t matter to him.  His loyalty to David and his people was unmatched.  So Jonathan decides to take his armor bearer with him and see if they could get “some battle on.”

Jonathan told his armor bearer what his plan was going to be.  He would call over to the Phillistine look out guy and if they invited them over (for a little chat), then they would go over and get the party started.  If the Phillistine said that they would come over to them (perhaps to talk and negotiate), then we will just stay in our places and not do anything.  Turns out that the Phillistines wave over Jonathan and his armor bearer.  Personally, my heart would be beating out of my chest because I would be thinking, “now, what?”

So these two guys take the first step, and pray that God does the rest.  As it turns out, when they got over to the Phillistines camp they were able to kill twenty of their men with little or no effort.  About this time the rest of the camp hears the commotion and comes out to see what is going on, simultaneously an earthquake breaks out and causes so much panic that the Phillistines turn on each other and start killing one another.  The story goes on but in the end the Israelites were victorious.

So what’s the take away from this?  First of all The Israelites couldn’t take credit for the win…it was all God.  Secondly, Jonathan had to take the first step.  When we ask God to help us, we can’t expect to sit on the couch and have UPS deliver the package to our front door from Heaven.  We have to take the first step.  Thirdly, with God there are always enough resources to resist the enemy and ultimately win.  Lastly, if God has called you to action, then commit the resources you have to God and rely on Him to lead you to victory!

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