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From clients that soon become friends


Testimonials | | Motivational Speaking - humor with depth “When you think of Stacey, you think of fun, laughter, and enthusiasm! She also has the spirit of faithfulness and commitment that shines even when facing difficult circumstances in her life. Stacey has been an inspiration and encouragement to the ladies in our church of all ages. She has been a role model for women in our church and her outlook and approach to life is contagious.”

June Godfrey
Pastor’s Wife

Marcus Pointe Baptist Church
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“People Magnet are probably the best two words to describe Stacey. She has a way of drawing people in and helping them see life in a more positive light. It is a once in a lifetime you meet someone who truly touches your life like no other person. I have seen Stacey deal with some very difficult situations and she continues to keep her faith, knowing that God is in control and trusting Him. Her faith is more than an inspiration, it’s contagious!”

Monica Farrish
Court Reporter

“During the Esther bible study God has spoken through you in such a way, I am finding the strength I need to carry through….and I didn’t know I could feel any more closer to God than I have, but He is so real…so evident…always has been…but so so much more…its the most indescribable feeling you can imagine… women need to know how awesome your testimony is…how real and open you are…and how God is totally using you….How you allow Him to speak words from Him right from your mouth…its amazing! I know its God….its not all you….God is speaking right through you. You are called to speak, to teach! Follow that calling no matter what!”



“Stacey is a very special lady and friend to me. First, she is the one who introduced me to our Savior. We have known each other for almost 9 years and there is never a dull moment when you spend time with her. Stacey’s love for the Lord is phenomenal. She has the ability to make a special connection with women no matter what background (or country) they are from. I went to this mini-retreat because I needed a break. I knew about Esther but did not really know her. I cried, laughed and cried some more and laughed again. There is nothing fake about Stacey.. what you see is what you get. She uses her unique sense of humor in her teaching and has the remarkable ability to bring what happened thousand years ago to present days. I love the fact that I can relate to that on a daily basis. The Lord blessed Stacey with the gift of teaching. I am proud to say she is my friend!”

The “French” Lady

“You are truly a blessing! I have enjoyed the Bible study so much….I love to hear someone speak and apply what God has been teaching to them. You can really tell when someone has had some precious time with the Lord. That’s my favorite. I want to hear from someone whose God is really REAL to them. Plus, it’s good for me to get out of the house without the kiddos to spend some time with friends and in God’s Word. What could be better than that!”

Stay-At-Home Mom
Pensacola, FL


“Stacey presents Esther as no one else can. She shares from God’s Word and her heart, causing every woman who is privileged to hear her insight, to experience a plethora of emotions while learning. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you’ll be absolutely touched through her God given ability to share and teach. She has the uncanny ability to reach deep inside the outer facade we all carry so bravely. True caring. Honest sharing. Her ministry is surely “for such a time as this”. If you are given a chance to hear Stacey Rising…DO NOT MISS IT!”

English Teacher
Pensacola, FL

“You’ll hear the story of Esther like you’ve never heard it before! Stacey delivers this dramatic story of ‘reversal of destiny’ and ‘providence’ as if it was written to apply directly to your life! You won’t leave with out a blesssing, some good laughs and WONDERFUL God-given truths!”

Property Manager
Pensacola, FL


“I have suffered with social anxiety my whole life, going to this retreat caused me to believe that God and his word can deliver me just as he did Esther! Stacey brought the words to life! Each day grew into a crescendo of true caring and love for Gods word and each other. As a leader Stacey brought us together and helped our spirits to sore and ministered to our souls, you could see the Holy Spirit in her face as she reviled in the word of God. This was truly one of the greatest weekends of my life and I will cherish it always. Stacey will touch your very core with her unique style of ministry. I have been changed by her ability to bring The Lord Alive.”

Destin, FL

“When I agreed to join Stacey on this ladies’ retreat, I did so more for the fellowship than the teaching. After all, the topic was Esther, a book of the Bible that I have studied in depth. I knew that I would enjoy the study but did not figure I would learnmuch. God proved me wrong! Stacey brought out spiritual applications that I had never considered and used the study of Esther to challenge me to walk more closely with God. Her extensive preparation and enjoyable presentation made the study of Esther come alive. Every woman in that room, regardless of how long she had been a Christian, learned more than she knew coming in and had been challenged to be more like her Savior. I would highly recommend attending one of Stacey Rising’s Studies if you have an opportunity.”

Pensacola, FL


“I have known Stacey for approximately 20 years and she is what you see and hear. The Esther study is delivered with a background of preparation, inspiration, sincerity, energy, and enthusiasm for women of all ages. One can easily find encouragement with the call to live and stand on God’s principles from this ancient account in the world of today. This study by Stacey is another one of those blessings I have received from our Lord and Savior.”

Pensacola, FL




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