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An in-depth study on Living Your Destiny with Queen Esther ©

Do you ever wonder why things don’t go according to your plans? Ever wonder why God puts you into crisis and what He expects? Through an in-depth study of the life of Esther, learn how you can live your destiny and receive God’s favor in your life. Learn how God’s plan is your plan, why prayer and fasting are critical to your call, and how God expects you to make the first move! This series is emotional, empowering, and enlightening. A very popular weekend retreat.


What Happened to My Joy?
How to Regain an Abundant Life in Christ. ©

Has life gotten the best of you? Do you feel alone? Frustrated? Depressed? Do you start each day with a sense of worry, dread, and sameness? As Christian women, we were created to live joy-filled lives. Learn how to ingrain resilience into our souls and real happiness into our daily walk. Take away practical step-by-step actions from God’s word on how to breakthrough the monotony of a joyless life and experience an abundant life – the one God intends for you!


Big “…But(s)…” of the Bible
How to Avoid Making Stupid Mistakes ©

Eve lived in Eden…but…bit the apple. David was a mighty and powerful king…but…he fell into adultery and murder. Yet after these terrible decisions and the consequences they unleashed, God mightily used each person to His glory. Learn how you can face your big …but…decisions and make the right choice. A terrific program for teens and adults.


From Trash to Treasure
A Journey of Resilience with Joseph ©

How do you overcome sibling rivalry, false accusations, imprisonment, and end up with no resentment, anger, or rage? Is it possible to be treated like a doormat and yet live like a treasured gift? Joseph’s story is as current as the front page. I will share the parallels and how to have a spirit of thankfulness NOT bitterness


Live, Laugh, Cry!
God, Really… Are You Serious? ©

Do you ever feel like God has forgotten about you? Have you ever felt like yelling out, “GOD, I’m OVER here…HERE!!!’ This can be turned into a weekend, but can be one session just as well


Are You Fit 4 Him?
Body, Soul, & Spirit. ©

Does God really care about our physical bodies? Absolutely. But he cares more about our spiritual body! In this very clear presentation of the gospel, audiences will learn what the Bible says about how to treat our physical body, but more importantly, what He expects from our spiritual body! will give practical tips on setting goals, accountability and more.


Tales of an Autistic Child
(I can’t make this stuff up)

Lessons Learned on a Mother’s Journey with a Special Needs Child ©

This is a very funny, yet a serious subject on children with learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD and children with special needs. Why did this happen? What do I do now? What will people say? How can I best support my child? Learn practical answers to everyday questions. This is one of those seminars where your jaw will hurt from laughing and your eyes will swell from crying. You may not have a child with special needs, but I guarantee you will know someone who does in one way or another.



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