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Restoreth my Soul

Read Psalm 23

Let’s be honest, some of you are so worn down and discouraged you can barely get yourself out of bed, let alone think about leading the women in your church through the Red Sea. Well, no matter where you are this morning, God is here and He is ready to restore your soul. In the 23rd Psalm, God is seen as a caring shepherd and a dependable guide. We must follow and obey his commands, just like sheep must follow their shepherd as trust him as a dependable guide. The shepherd is the only hope for life and security. Many of David’s Psalms are full of complaints, but the 23rd Psalm is full of comforts and the expressions of delight in God’s great goodness and dependence on Him. So what exactly is the duty of a Shepherd and how can I relate that to God being my Shepherd? Let’s look at the parallel: Shepherd God the Shepherd Feeding God’s Word Watering The Holy Spirit Grooming Keeping us clean from the contaminants of the world Shearing Tithes and Offerings Delivering Lambs Souls being saved Protection Protection Leading Leading If “The Lord is My Shepherd,” my feeder, protector and leader then, I SHALL NOT WANT FOR ANYTHING that is GOOD for me. Sheep have a low to the ground perspective, just like we have a low to the ground, earthly perspective. The Shepherd can see danger and can see what lies ahead. We must learn to hear the voice of the Shepherd so that we can follow Him. Be like sheep: inoffensive, useful, sociable and meek. The truth is the Shepherd will leave the flock for one lost sheep…when one strays, He cares and will go after that one sheep and bring him back. If the sheep continues to stray the shepherd will even breaks its leg and carry it until it heals and becomes dependent on the shepherd.

Questions to think about:

1. What do you need to give to the Lord in order to be able to fully concentrate on what God has for you?

2. Do you recognize the voice of the Shepherd?

3. Have you ever had to have your legs broken by the Shepherd in order to have to fully rely on the Shepherd? Or do you  know someone?

4. How does the idea of God being your Shepherd comfort you?

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