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Kill em’ with King’s Kindness

In 2 Samuel Chapter 9 David has finally become king after a calling that came when he was twelve.  In Chapter 9 David asks a very peculiar question, “Is there anyone left of the house of Saul, that I may show kindness of God?”  Most kings in David’s day tried to wipe out any family members of previous kings so that there would be no chance of an uprising.  Well, it turns out that David’s best friend, Jonathan had a crippled son named Mephibosheth.  David sent for him and brought him to the palace (or whatever you want to call the place where David and all his servants lived).  I have a feeling that when Mephibosheth heard that the king wanted to see him…it couldn’t be good news.  When Mephibosheth got there it was DAVID who fell to his face and told him, “I am YOUR servant.”

Can you imagine in during those days crippled people were total outcasts?  The modern conviences that we have in the twenty first century were just not available…by a LONG shot.  Most crippled people were beggars and worse that the poorest people in the towns.  Most didn’t even live a normal life span because it was just so hard to sustain basic needs for survival.

David ends up moving Mephibosheth into the palace and he has a seat at the king’s table with his own set of servants.  These verses in the bible were brought to my mind as I subbed in a fifth grade classroom last week.  There was a boy in the class who wore two hearing aids.  I asked him how much hearing loss he had and he told me thirty percent in one ear and fifty percent in another.  This boy who I will call Seth, even with hearing aides doesn’t hear EVERYTHING.  I see how the other kids made fun of him and how sensitive Seth had become to the teasing by others.  I actually one boy tell Seth, “turn up your hearing aid!”  When I heard that comment, let’s just say it WAS NOT PRETTY!!!  I was apauled at how these kids took one boys weakness and treated him with so little compassion.

Okay, Stacey so what’s your point?  Where are you going with this?  If king David could show compassion and mercy to essentially one of his enemies can’t we show the same to those around us that may be different?  We are all children of God.  God created each of us exactly the way we are with disabilities, imperfections and beauty.  In Psalms it says that we were fearfully and wonderfully made.  Knit in our mothers womb.  We ALL have a purpose!  We all have a unique calling on our lives whether or not we are crippled, have hearing loss or something else.  Each time we show compassion to someone else, our character is strengthened.  Isn’t about time that we remember that God loves THEM too?

One Response to “Kill em’ with King’s Kindness”

  • Amanda says:

    I love reading your blog!

    I have to say that I completely agree with you. I am one that will usually stick up for the underdog. For me though, your post got to the heart of MY problem. I am not the type to show compassion and mercy for those that I feel have been given either equal or “greater” tools to become “what they should be.” If you know what I mean.

    I believe that David would have given compassion to whomever descendant he found of Saul. That is what I learned today. Thanks!

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