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I See the Water, and I Hear the Horses…

I have to admit that the phrase, “I see the water and hear the horses,” is one that I have swiped from a lady in my Sunday School class.  When I read her comment on facebook, it really got my attention.  You see Moses was given the direction to flee Egypt, so he did.  Moses didn’t have all the directions, all the details and definitely not all the answers for everyone else who was relying on him.  All he had was the direction from God almighty to GO!

Most of the the time when God gives direction to go or a situation rises, we have to just trust Him to work out the details.  That is faith!  If we knew the beginning from the end and all that would happen in between, we would have no reason to trust God.  The more we trust, the more our faith muscle is strengthened and the better shape we will be in the next time we have to use our faith muscle.

Craig (my husband) and I have been through more than our share of “flexing our faith muscle.”  Each time we see God work it out, we know know better that the next time He will be faithful to do it again.   We can also share with other people that are having to fully rely and trust God when they don’t see how it will work.  Believe me, it is not a walk in the park having to struggle, wonder and pray that God will show us through, but I wouldn’t change our situations for anything in the world.  God has chosen you and me to go through the trials so that we can get stronger and encourage others.  Ultimately He trusts us.

When you are faced with a situation where you see the Red Sea and you hear the horses racing after you, remember…God has you right where He wants you and if you will trust in the process and fully rely on His provision, the Red Sea will part and He will provide dry land.  He loves you!!!

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