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Hakuna Matata…means no worries

So life has been very busy since I returned from Africa.  I actually chaperoned my sons fourth grade trip to the state capitol just a day after I got home.  CRAZY!!!!  But I am not blogging about how busy I am.

Today I attended a focus group to try and test a workshop that will be used in corporate training seminars.  So I show up to the focus group and make a joke about “it’s only been summer vacation for two days and my kids are driving me crazy!”  So then the lady across from me says, “OH!  I always hated it when summer would end because I just LOVED spending time with my kids.  In fact, all the kids in the neighborhood spent the whole summer at our house.”  REALLY?!?????  I just looked at her.  Now I feel like a terrible mother.  Then I receive a letter in the mail from a friend that I have known and been friends with for over ten years and she basically tells me that she is “unfriending”  me because she feels like I am always hurting her.  I am SO confused!!!  These two things, in the same day have really thrown me for a loop.

The mother and teacher in me would tell MYSELF, “just ignore them…sticks and stones…blah, blah, blah”  Seriously though, I am bothered by these two situations.  So I started to think (I know, some of you are like what?  Stacey, thinking?) what does my Heavenly Father think about HIS daughter?  I am far from perfect, but definitely a work in process as I seek to know my Savior.  So what keeps coming back to my mind is this, my self worth is not based on what other people think of me.  I think so many times we worry about what “everyone else” will think of me.  When we worry about those things it skews our actions and thoughts.  After the comment from the “mother of the century” at the focus group, I found myself defending my motherly actions.  All the sudden I become kind of an obnoxious “let me prove to you” type of person.  The truth is, people can’t stand those that try to know everything or have all the answers.  When I got the letter, I was hurt because I hurt someone else and didn’t even realize it.

The bottom line is that we must know who we are.  What are our core values?  Do you love God more today than you did yesterday?  If we hurt someone, ask them to forgive you.  And maybe the best piece of advice is, you may not get along with everyone in this world… you won’t  be “liked” by everyone.  IT’S OKAY!!!!  My best friend is the Lord anyway and as the bible says, “…if God is for us, who can be against us?”  If I offend my brother, ask him for forgiveness, and dare I say, “What would Jesus Do?”  I can tell you what He wouldn’t do?  He wouldn’t worry.  So, no worries!  I am a GREAT mom, and I DO have wonderful friends.  And I am a daughter of the King!  Hakuna Matata!

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  • Anita Gibson says:

    Thanks, Stacey, for MAKING ME CRY!! 😉 I am ALWAYS the one who worries about what others think of me, my kids, my house, my work, bla, bla, bla. Hakuna Matata!! I’ll keep working on that. 🙂

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