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Ask yourself the question this year!

I always love a brand new year.  It’s better than a new month, week or a day.  A new year gives you a fresh start to make goals and see them through.  The last few years have definitely had their ups and downs, but each year has had some real learning experiences and victories.  Each new year for me, is a chance to look back and see what my growth in Christ has been.  I have done this every year for probably the last fifteen years.  It is a simple question I ask myself…

Let me stop before I give you that question and try to put this in perspective.

How  many of you have a spot in your house, either your childhood home or your current home where you have stood, (or made your kids stand) while you were  measured  and  it was marked with a pencil.  Why do we do this?  We want to see how much our kids have grown over the past six months or year.  We compare it to other siblings, while the kids are at a race to be as tall as their parents or in our house their grandma.  Craig’s mom is on 4′ 9″, so they pass this milestone pretty early in life.  “I love you, Mary!”

What if we measured our kids and they hadn’t grown over the last year?  Would that be cause for concern?  Of course it would be!  We might call the doctor, consult with other parents and friends to see if they had ever experienced the same thing.  Each person would agree that there was a problem and something needed to change in order to see growth.  Well, do we take our spiritual growth as seriously?  You see, our whole purpose on this earth is to be saved and to show others the truth so that they might be saved.  Once we are saved we should have a growing relationship with Christ.  Each year seeing “marked” growth with our Heavenly Father.  You can ask yourself, “Do I pray each day?”  “Have I given my thought life over to God?”  “Do I hunger for God’s word on a daily basis?”  “Has my knowledge of God’s word (our ultimate handbook for living the Christian life) increased?”  Whatever questions you want to ask yourself that will give you  concrete (marked) answers…those are the questions you need to ask yourself.  The real overall question for me is, “Has my relationship with the Lord deepened over the last year?”

Use 2012 to make a plan to grow in Christ.  Get involved in a small group Bible Study with accountability.  Buy a Bible study that interests you and schedule time EACH DAY to read it and see what God had to say through it.
If you never spend any time with your husband, wife, kids, friends, etc…how can you build those relationships into something meaningful and sincere?  It is my desire to stand before the Lord with no regrets and hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

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