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A Servants Heart

Yesterday I had new pictures taken for my website.  This is not something that I was looking forward to doing.  You know the self doubt that plays in your head…I need to lose weight, I am going to look fat, etc.  A friend of mine (that I have known for many years) heard me talking about the fact that I needed to have new pictures take.  We were all in the back row of choir practice talking, well maybe whispering, but certainly not singing (oops!), and Wendy offered to take my pictures for me.

Wendy has been a florist for many years and in the last year or so has decided to take on another creative outlet…photography.  I had no idea how many hours she has been studying photography over the last year.  I had seen some of her early work and it was pretty good.  The fact that she wanted to “practice” on me, I figured why not?  So yeaterday was the day.  All I can say is that this gal is amazing.  God has blessed her with an eye for detail and light that creates beautiful pictures.  She is so good that I am afraid people may not recognize me from my website pictures when they see me in person.

So I say all this because something keeps ringing in my head about Wendy and maybe someone you know.  I found the verse in John12:26 and it says, “If anyone serves Me, he must follow me…if anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.”  Creation Moments Photography ( is the name of her studio and it was created to serve other people.  Obviously you have to be able to pay your bills and pay for general expenses, but Wendy goes beyond that.  When you encounter someone with a servants heart, you just know it.  I believe with all my heart that God sees this and smiles down on those that have a servants heart.

How do you become someone with a servants heart?  I think it is a mindset.  When we put others ahead of ourselves, we see the needs of others.  In Matthew 25:45 It says, “…Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.”  When we look at others and realize that they were fearfully and wonderfully made uniquely by the creator of the universe, and God loves them with all of His heart, how can we not want to do for others?  Showing love to people through serving is a tangible way to show God that you love Him.  Go now and serve each other.  Or as the secular world says, “pay it forward.”

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