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Hakuna Matata…means no worries

So life has been very busy since I returned from Africa.  I actually chaperoned my sons fourth grade trip to the state capitol just a day after I got home.  CRAZY!!!!  But I am not blogging about how busy I am. Today I attended a focus group to try and test a workshop that will be used in corporate training seminars.  So I show up to the focus group and make a joke about "it's only been summer vacation for two days and my kids are driving me crazy!"  So then the lady across from me says, "OH!  I always hated it when summer would end because I just LOVED spending time with my kids.  In fact, all the kids in the neighborhood spent the whole summer at our house."  REALLY?!?????  I just looked at her.  Now I feel like a terrible mother.  Then I receive a letter in the mail from a friend that I have known and been friends with for over ten years and she basically tells me that she is "unfriending"  me because she feels like I am always hurting her.  I am SO confused!!!  These ...
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