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A Determined Mother

Syrophoenician Woman Read Matthew 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30 Do you ever crave time to yourself? Do you ever get caught up in life and just need or crave some time to yourself? Or even better, a weekend retreat? “Time away from the everyday stress in order to renew your Spirit” Jesus was the same way! The more miracles he performed, the more people were talking about Jesus and the less time He had to get away and renew His spirits. In Mark the Bible describes a Gentile, of the Syrophoenician race. This indicated that she was from the territory Northwest of Galilee where the cities of Tyre and Sidon were located. Matthew calls her a Cananite woman which the Jewish would have immediately understood the significance of Jesus helping this woman. In verse 22 of Matthew 15 a determined mother begs Jesus “Have mercy on me, my daughter is cruelly demon possessed.” When Jesus heard this, He was really trying to get away to refresh His spirits and at first He said nothing. It was ...
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Restoreth my Soul

Read Psalm 23 Let’s be honest, some of you are so worn down and discouraged you can barely get yourself out of bed, let alone think about leading the women in your church through the Red Sea. Well, no matter where you are this morning, God is here and He is ready to restore your soul. In the 23rd Psalm, God is seen as a caring shepherd and a dependable guide. We must follow and obey his commands, just like sheep must follow their shepherd as trust him as a dependable guide. The shepherd is the only hope for life and security. Many of David’s Psalms are full of complaints, but the 23rd Psalm is full of comforts and the expressions of delight in God’s great goodness and dependence on Him. So what exactly is the duty of a Shepherd and how can I relate that to God being my Shepherd? Let’s look at the parallel: Shepherd God the Shepherd Feeding God’s Word Watering The Holy Spirit Grooming Keeping us clean from the contaminants of the world Shearing Tithes and Offerings Delivering ...
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