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Kill em’ with King’s Kindness

In 2 Samuel Chapter 9 David has finally become king after a calling that came when he was twelve.  In Chapter 9 David asks a very peculiar question, "Is there anyone left of the house of Saul, that I may show kindness of God?"  Most kings in David's day tried to wipe out any family members of previous kings so that there would be no chance of an uprising.  Well, it turns out that David's best friend, Jonathan had a crippled son named Mephibosheth.  David sent for him and brought him to the palace (or whatever you want to call the place where David and all his servants lived).  I have a feeling that when Mephibosheth heard that the king wanted to see couldn't be good news.  When Mephibosheth got there it was DAVID who fell to his face and told him, "I am YOUR servant." Can you imagine in during those days crippled people were total outcasts?  The modern conviences that we have in the twenty first century were just not a LONG shot.  Most crippled people ...
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