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Let the Basket go

In Exodus chapter one the bible tells of the oppression that the Hebrew people were under as Pharoah had made them slaves to the Egyptians. The more afflicted the Hebrews became, the more they grew in numbers, so the only thing Pharoah had left to do was to kill all Hebrew boys that were born. Then Moses is born and his mother, Jocabed had a big decision to make. As a mother I can relate to her doing everything in her power to keep her little boy safe, so she hid him. She did a great job until he was about three months old and she just couldn't "shoosh" his cries anymore. I can't imagine how Jocabed must have felt to know that she would either have Moses (more than likely) killed right in front of her or to come up with another plan. She decided to put Moses in a basket and set it in the Nile and hope and pray for the best. As it turns out Pharoah's daughter find the basket and Moses is saved, adopted by royalty and then given back to Jocabed to nurse him for the princess...gotta ...
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